Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Explanations, Excuses and Ice Cream

So, um, it's been a bit since I've shared any pearls of wisdom, nuggets of knowledge or pithy observations with my peeps. Seems I've poured them all into my manuscript--well, aside from my tweet about ice cream being the first line of defense in the fight against osteoporosis. That couldn't wait.

But the blog could.  Why? (Drumroll, please...)  Priorities.  The blog just didn't make the cut.

Every writer has heard that writing is a solitary endeavor. What a bunch of hooey.  Granted, sitting at a computer IS a solitary endeavor, but writing encompasses more than beating a tattoo on a keyboard. Let's not forget the conferences to attend, classes to take, critiques to share, scenes to edit, submissions to send, revisions to write, books to read, disappointments to commiserate, and milestones to celebrate. In the last several weeks I've done it all:  MWA-U, revisions, critiques for friends with looming deadlines, Nelson DeMille novels, and last minute pitchfests. I've experienced the angst of querying and the elation of positive responses.

Oh, and I started writing my next book.

All this takes time.  And in the interest of full disclosure, the local market ran out of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and I had to travel a wee bit further to ensure I maintained my calcium levels at optimum operating levels.