Sunday, January 27, 2013

It Never Ends...

Revisions are done, synopsis honed, queries sent. The wait begins. For the moment, there is nothing more for me do.

But write.

New characters whisper in my ear. They've been waiting, too. Waiting for me. Now, their voices gain strength. They pull at my sleeve and point the way, giggling when I take a wrong turn. They plot--sometimes giving me clues to their motives. Other times they play coy, pushing me to figure it out.

And I will.

Because no one likes to wait when there are stories to be told.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Intentions

New beginnings imply the end of something else. It's Life's version of the mulligan. The fading time before the turn of the calendar lends itself to reflection. The first new day of the year is full of hope and possibility that too often fails to outlast the day itself. Pity. Every new day should dawn with excitement and the possibility of something wondrous.  That's why I write.

I don't do resolutions. I reflect, ponder, devise, create, and sometimes regret. I have an on-going relationship with my delete key on the computer. I have good intentions and grandiose dreams. I am an optimist who believes that sometimes it may be hidden, but the silver lining really does exist if you look hard enough. I leap, trusting that the net will appear--although, I hedge my bets with advance planning when possible. I try to live fearlessly.

Time has ushered in a new year. What that year holds remains to be seen, but I am filled with hope.

Happy New Year.