Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Breath of Life

It's easy to become so caught up in the minutia of life, that we forget to live. We put off exercising our bodies then wonder why our thoughts are muddled. Writers often struggle for balance. Staring at a keyboard for hours, struggling to meet deadlines or word counts often comes at the expense of a deep breath and the soothing calm that accompanies it.

Two weeks. I passed the last two amazing weeks exploring the depths with stingrays, turtles, eels and a rainbow of fishes. Two glorious weeks of sharing blazing sunsets, dry champagne, impromptu picnics and miles-long walks with a man who loves me. Two whole weeks to reacquaint myself with what brings me joy when I'm not tapping out letters and stringing together stories.

Two weeks to restore my equilibrium. Two weeks to gather new memories, spin new tales. Two weeks to remember that there is so much beyond the office, and that if I want to write about life honestly, I must experience it first. 

And in that time, I remembered how to breathe.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I love revisions.  I know many writers hate them, but what other job are you allowed to go back as many times as necessary to make sure you did it right?  It's better than an open book test, there's rarely a time limit AND you can have others proofread your work!  What's not to love?

I've recently completed my novel.  I'm the kind of writer who straddles the line between getting out the first draft and revising as I go along.  I learned the value of reading the finished product aloud when errors my eyes had glossed over we're glaringly obvious when I spoke them.

I also have some amazing and honest readers who I rely on to tell me when I've veered off the rails or point out a little darling that --sadly-- must go.

So. No pithy post today. Probably not next week either.  Instead, I'm letting the "finished" product rest. I've given myself the next couple weeks off.  I intend to read, dive, engage with friends and enjoy the holidays (not to mention hone my query letter and synopsis). Then, I'm going to read it again. Decide if it needs another pass. Or two.

Because I can.