Monday, August 6, 2012

Going for Gold

I just returned from vacation--a friends and family tour that encompassed 4 states, 3 weeks, 1 wedding, and an ailing mother... I had intended to write everyday.  That didn't happen.

The best athletes incorporate rest into their training. It allows the body to heal. Writing is an endurance sport and those who practice it must occasionally rest. Revivify. Life needs to be lived before the experience can be rendered on the page.

So now I can write about the Loneliest  Road in America (Highway 50 as it traverses Nevada), the clandestine thrill of a speakeasy (Bourbon & Branch--requires a password to get in), the ever-changing scents found biking along a river path (Squaw Valley), the lush taste of wine (Santa Barbara vineyards--although truth be told, I've had this experience a couple times before...), the restless sleep that accompanies staying in a motel where the car parked next to yours has bullet holes in the trunk (Moreno Valley) and the reassuring company of people I love.

The current Olympiads remind us how commitment to their sport can lead to a place on the podium and into the annals of history. Writing a book requires commitment. For me that means a near-daily date with my computer and accepting the fact that there will be experiences I miss.

Striking the balance between living life and recreating it? Well, that's like winning gold.